Henry Willebald

I am an economist (Universidad de la República, Uruguay) and PhD in Economic History (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain). 

I am faculty member of Economic Institute (IECON), Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y de Administración (FCEA), Universidad de la República,  Uruguay, and Full Professor in economic history and economic development. I am co-editor of the Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History

I was Director of the Economic Department (2019-2021),  Research Director in Economics (2014-2016), editor-in-Chief of the Revista Uruguaya de Historia Económica (2011-2021), President of the Uruguayan Economic History Association (AUDHE) (2012-2014) and coordinator of the research group in Economic History in the IECON (2013-2019).

My research interests refer to modern economic growth in settler economies and Latin American countries and, especially, about diverse dimensions of economic development as the evolution of income (from production and expenditure side), at national and regional level, inequality, productive specialization, natural resources and sustainability.